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As a parent you will face many challenges and hurdles throughout your parenting career. South Winnipeg Family Information Centre assists you in responding to these challenges by offering programs and services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our programs and services are preventative in nature. By providing you with the necessary support at the earliest possible instance, many crises can be avoided.

We also provide opportunities for your children to develop and build life skills through our Ready, Set, Solo! and Babysitter Training workshops.

Our programming is seasonally scheduled for the fall, winter, summer (limited) and spring. Not all of our programs are offered every season as scheduling largely depends on community request and need.

Programs have low fees and are offered on a cost recovery basis. However subsidies or fee waivers are available if needed.

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Fall 2023 Program Schedule

Parenting Programs (1/2)

Parenting Programs (2/2)

Youth Programs


GEMS is a peer support program for children (Kindergarten to grade 6) experiencing divorce or separation in their family. This program is usually offered through schools.

This copyrighted, peer support program for children of separated and divorced parents assists children to identify their feelings about divorce and separation and gives them the vocabulary to talk about what is happening in their lives. GEMS makes children more aware of feelings that can affect adult behaviour, helps them prepare for and deal with changes in their lives and guides them in the building of personal coping skills.

This program is available for purchase through our agency. For more information call 204-284-9311 or download our order form.