South Winnipeg Family Information Centre
Celebrating 40 years of supporting and strengthening families
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Who Are We?
South Winnipeg Family Information Centre (SWFIC) is a non-profit, community based resource centre. We deliver programs and services which are designed to empower individuals to enhance relationships within their families and communities. We are a United Way of Winnipeg partner agency which receives its vision and strategic direction from a volunteer Board of Directors.

What We Do
As a parent you will face many challenges and hurdles throughout your parenting career. South Winnipeg Family Information assists you in responding to these challenges by providing programs and services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our programs and services are preventative in nature. By providing you with the necessary support at the earliest possible instance, many crises may be avoided.

We also provide opportunities for your children to develop and build life skills through our Ready, Set, Solo!, Basics for Babysitters and Student Study Skills workshops. Through our centre you can access programming in the following areas:

Youth support and education
Family/parent support and education