About Us

South Winnipeg Family Information Centre (originally known as Fort Garry Family Life Centre) was established in the fall of 1974 as a result of community interest. The basic aim of establishing a family centre at that time was to provide programs and information to enhance the quality of family life in the community.

Over 40 years later, we continue to be proud of the hundreds of volunteers who have contributed to the services of our Centre. Our volunteers are the strength and backbone of South Winnipeg Family Information Centre. Board members, staff, program facilitators and Clothes Closet volunteers demonstrate, year after year, that people coming together with a common goal and vision really can and do make a difference!

The goals of South Winnipeg Family Information Centre are to:

Strengthen Community
We provide infrastructure and support for grassroots organizations and community groups to sustain programming and services.

Work Together
We collaborate with individuals, organizations, and government to address needs while encouraging creative problem solving and cooperation within families, groups, and the community at large.

Enhance Self-Esteem and Wellbeing
Our programs provide a supportive environment in where participants can develop confidence in themselves and their abilities and can gain skills for success.

Promote Respect and Understanding
By respecting all economic, social, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds we offer a safe environment where children, youth and adults can learn, express their ideas and emotions, and feel understood.

Excel in Service Provision
We deliver relevant programming that meets established needs and develop initiatives to address the demands of the changing community.